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Our mission is to provide comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and accountability services for our entire community as the universe’s #1 all-inclusive health and fitness center. We have a range of options to help you no matter your fitness level, goals, or location. We believe that consistency is key, and we infuse a work hard, play hard mentality into every program that we offer, from personal training to group classes.


Join our gym in Altamonte Springs, Florida, or check out our virtual options! 


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Each of our highly trained coaches has a passion to help people lead healthier lives. They push our members to reach their goals and feel good. Meet Our Coaches!

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Founder & Lead Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor


Born and raised in Orlando, FL, Rich has been active his entire life. His passion for fitness and working out started in high school when he began training with his brother-in-law. Excelling in basketball, he earned a full ride scholarship to college but unfortunately suffered knee injuries that forced him to change his plans.

Undeterred, he attended UCF and earned a degree in Industrial Psychology while simultaneously working full-time in his family's Horticulture business. For 15 years, he dedicated himself to the horticulture industry, but the demanding nature of the job caused him to miss out on precious moments with his daughter during her early years.

Realizing the importance of work-life balance and wanting to spend more time with his family, he made the courageous decision to leave the horticulture business. He joined his wife in the health and wellness industry, and together they purchased a gym. This venture eventually led to the creation of LunaFit in 2019.

Known for his strong work ethic he finds joy in both running the business and pursuing personal hobbies. When he's not at the gym, he enjoys working on his truck, landscaping, and improving his home. His ultimate satisfaction, however, comes from making people happy and transforming lives through nutrition and fitness.

A lover of nature, his favorite place is on the water, where he finds solace and peace. He holds values such as integrity, hard work, consistency, and a deep appreciation for passionate individuals who share his dedication to making a positive impact.

With a new focus on LunaFit and a renewed commitment to work-life balance, he is determined to continue changing lives, helping people achieve their fitness goals, and inspiring others to live healthy, fulfilling lives.


Guilty pleasures include: Titos Sprite with lemon and anything chocolate

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Training Instructor



A native of Leeton NSW, Australia, Jane graduated from the Australian Dance Performance Institute with an Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre in 2005 and as a Master Trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness in 2006. From 2007-2018 Jane traveled the world traveling on Carnival Cruise Lines performing.


Jane joined the LunaFit team in 2020 and was recently promoted to Head Coach. Jane’s fitness accomplishments continued with her serving as the 2021-2022 Captain of the NAL Dance Team for Orlando Predators and competing in the 2023 WBFF Fitness competition where she placed 1st along with gaining her Pro Card as WBFF Diva Fitness Pro! 

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Certified Personal Trainer & Group Training Instructor



Brad is a proud Veteran who served our country in the Army from 2007 - 2013.


Being in the military helped open up the door to the benefits of exercise for Brad - both mentally and physically. It wasn't until he was out of the military and delved into many facets of the fitness industry that fitness become a passion for Brad.


Along his fitness journey, he explored many areas of the industry, from weight loss, dieting, and nutrition to powerlifting and body building. Seeing his own results, including losing over 120lbs, inspired Brad to want to help others. He earned multiple certifications during his education at the National Personal Training Institute Florida, making him a perfect fit for the LunaFit team of group fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Brad’s certifications include:


  • Advanced Personal Training

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Health and Wellness

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Youth Fitness

  • Osteoblast Training

  • Speedblast Training

  • Special populations

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Founder & Lead Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor


Born and raised in California, Arianna has been active her whole life. It wasn't until college, however, that she discovered her passion for fitness and nutrition. Alongside pursuing a BBA in accounting and later an MBA, she dedicated herself to working out and learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

For 13 years, she worked in healthcare finance, but her desire to spend more time with her daughter Luna began to overshadow her enjoyment of the job. In 2014, she made the bold decision to quit her job and embark on a new journey. Drawing from her knowledge in nutrition and movement, acquired through training at the Human Performance Institute, she started a health and wellness company focused on helping new moms lose weight and exercise more effectively.

Not content with just this endeavor, With the help of her husband she went on to purchase a gym and transformed it into LunaFit in 2019. Through LunaFit, she found her true calling: helping people improve their health, both physically and mentally, through nutrition and exercise.

Her personal experience of gaining 60 pounds during pregnancy and struggling to lose the last 30 pounds inspired her to use her expertise to assist others in achieving their goals faster and more effectively.

Despite the challenges of running three businesses, managing a household, and raising an active child, she maintains a 10% body fat. Her busy lifestyle has only strengthened her commitment to the LunaFit brand, as she strives to help as many people as possible reach their health and fitness goals while maintaining a balanced life.

Integrity, honesty, loyalty, balance, and faith are values that she holds dear. With these guiding principles, she is determined to continue growing the LunaFit brand and positively impact the lives of individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being.

Guilty pleasures include: A glass of wine and a good cake doughnut.

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General Manager & Coach

Certified Personal Trainer



Mick Ferrara is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the fitness and business industry. As a certified personal trainer and weight loss practitioner, Mick brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His unwavering dedication to health and wellness began at an early age, culminating in his impressive achievement as a state runner-up in weightlifting during his junior and senior years of high school (Go Patriots).


For a remarkable span of 7 years, Mick owned and operated his own personal training company, honing his skills and knowledge in the field. Building upon this success, he transitioned to a global company where he served as the Director of Fitness for another 7 years. During this time, Mick spearheaded the development of a comprehensive fitness program and community on a worldwide scale.


Now, Mick has found his home at LunaFit, eager to empower every member to unleash their full potential. With his passion, expertise, and commitment, he is here to guide and support individuals in their journey towards optimal health and well-being.

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