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Come take a mental break in our crowd & judgment-free gym, & work on building sports performance, weight loss, or just staying in shape! Perfect for any individual but especially those in sports, dance/cheer, Band, or ROTC! Click below to sign up or visit us!

reg price $45/a month

We love Our Lake Brantley Neighbors!

Come Workout With Us!

 We are LunaFit & LunaFit Fresh, we are 3 mins away from Lake Brantley Highschool at 860 N State Rd 434 Suite 1000, Altamonte Springs, FL. We are a fully equipped gym with fitness, nutrition, & wellness programs all designed to help you reach any fitness goal you have! In showing our appreciation check out more of our LBHS specials below!  

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Our memberships are designed with you in mind. Choose from nutrition or fitness classes only or combined packages with our accountability coaches, who are there to help push you throughout your journey!



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Take 20% off any of our services and jumpstart your fitness and nutrition journey with our 6-Week Jumpstart Challenge, or gain that one-on-one attention in a personal training session with our personal trainers, or recover faster with a stretch therapy session with our flexibility coach! 

*Membership discounts are only eligible for family members of Lake Brantley High School students who live in the same household and pay with the same payment method. Contact us for more information!

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