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LunaFit Fresh Meal Subscription

Never miss a prepped meal fridge restock with LunaFit Fresh's Meal Subscriptions using the discounted meal packs.

How To Set Up & Manage Subsriptions

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  • Then Click on Subscriptions ;

  • On Mobile click the drop-down next to my account 

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  • Add meals by clicking shop now

  • Under The Menu Tab Click Meal Packs

  • Choose the desired meal pack based on meal amount

  • Add your variety of healthy prepped meals! 

  • All subscription orders must be in by Midnight Wednesday.

  • During your subscription duration, you have access to manage your meal prep frequency. You have the option to pause or cancel.

  • When ordering new items cancel the old subscription and create a new one using your favorite meals and best-suited meal pack.

Click below to order or to contact us with any questions you may have! 

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