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Luna Fit Gym in Altamonte Springs: Group Fitness, Nutrition Coaching, & More!

At LunaFit in Altamonte Springs we LOVE helping you meet your health and fitness goals. It is our mission to help you look and feel your best in a way that is sustainable longterm as part of your lifestyle.

What does that mean? Health and fitness is an ongoing journey. Being proactive and active is essential to your overall well-being; it is a way of life. At LunaFit in Altamonte Springs, Florida we help you incorporate that way of life into your daily living. We understand time is a huge factor in implementing and committing to a healthier way of life. We live in a world of high pressure with work and family obligations, and it can be tough to balance a healthy lifestyle. Too often because of "life happening" people do not prioritize their physical and emotional needs either out of time constraints or guilt attached to taking time for one’s self.

When your car needs maintenance or the engine will die you don’t (and cannot) ignore it right? Then why would you ignore your most precious engine - your body? The way you feed it and move it is directly related to your quality of life (how your engine runs) and the longevity of your journey.

At Luna Fit we help you eat better, work out better and feel better all leading to optimizing your physical and mental health. We are so certain that you will LOVE our support and services that we provide a FREE fitness and nutrition consultation. Book yours today!

Here are some of our areas of focus:

Our mission is to provide comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and accountability services for our entire community as the universe’s #1 all-inclusive health and fitness center.

Do you often feel fatigued and unable to complete tasks due to a lack of energy? We develop efficient nutrition and fitness plans and cultivate a supportive and accountable community that can give you positive reinforcement.

Have trouble sticking to a plan or are not sure what you should eat? With all the information out there knowing how to eat healthily can be tough. Let us create an individualized plan to get you informed and on track.

Trouble gaining and maintaining muscle while losing your body fat? Our coaches can provide guidance from proven practices to get you to your goal.

Tired of the same routine but no results? We structure our fitness and nutrition programs to help you progressively get stronger and lose body fat with our fitness, nutrition, and accountability coaches by your side from start to finish.


At LunaFit in Altamonte Springs, we offer Nutritional Coaching, Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Meal Prep, and more! Check out our class schedule then contact us to learn more about how you can get a FREE trial group fitness classes!

Proudly serving Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Casselberry, and the Greater Orlando area!


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