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NEW Programs, Pricing & Value! 

We've made space and added a few things but now we have added more value all around to be the #1 Health and Fitness Center In The Universe! Check out our New Rollout Of What We Offer!


We've been on this journey for over 5 Years & a lot has changed, like our location and services but what hasn't is our commitment to helping the community lead healthier lifestyles and we will do that by being the #1 Health and Fitness Center In The Universe! That's how we got to this new rollout of what we do here at LunaFit. Check out our New Releases Below & Contact Us To Learn More!


We've simplified our LunaFit memberships and we now offer 3 memberships Specific to how you want to reach your wellness goals. Learn more about each Membership below!


Now offering Small Group Training for groups of 3-4! Similar to personal Training, with the same one-on-one attention and weekly accountability and with others that are motivated toward wellness goals!

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Corporate Wellness Program

Support Your Employees' Wellbeing & Improve Retention With Our, Corporate Wellness Program. We work with companies to understand the unique factors affecting the health of their workforce and then create a blend of in-person and virtual engagement areas to get the team inspired, moving & eating right! Learn More Below!


If you are ever looking for an event or meeting space or catering? We've got you covered with our LunaFit Event Rental Space & LunaFit Fresh Catering. Learn More Below!


To our Heroes, Lake Brantley High School Students, Families, & Alumni, & All High School & College Students, here are a few specials just for you! Contact or Visit Us To Get Started!

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