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Small Boutique Fitness Studios vs Big Box Gym Chains

Health & Fitness continues to be one of the most exciting, and fastest-growing industries in the world. And while the global pandemic put a temporary, and rather abrupt, pause on what has otherwise been several years of consecutive industry growth, the increased collective focus on our health brought about by COVID-19, many believe, will only benefit the industry long-term. Nowadays, fitness centers of all shapes and sizes are popping up around the US, with offerings that cater to all of us regardless of where we are in our fitness journey. But is it better to go to a multi-chain big box chain, or are small, independent boutique fitness center?

Boutique vs Big Box

Big box gym chains are designed to appeal to the masses. Instructors are often required to teach a range of classes, in varying formats, and while this is great if you have a favorite instructor whose classes you love to take, it also presents some problems. Personal Trainers & Class Instructors often specialize in one or two disciplines, so instructors in big box settings often lack the attention to detail that many individuals require to truly assess their individual goals. It can also be easy to get lost or overwhelmed in a big chain gym.

In a family owned, boutique gym setting, you’ll get a much more targeted approach. Smaller classes with highly qualified instructors allow for more personal attention, including helping correct you on poor form or technique. Not only does this mean you get a lot more out of the workout itself, but you’re also more likely to prevent injury or incorrect use of specific muscle groups.

Finding Your Tribe

The truth is that big box gyms are designed were made for autonomous working-out. Thousands of square feet are covered in rows and rows of cardio equipment, stationary machines, and free weights. While this autonomy works for some, working out alone (or even with a sole gym buddy) presents little opportunity to connect with others, establish meaningful relationships, or even just share knowledge and fitness tips with others.

In a boutique gym setting, members are often united by shared struggles and fitness goals. Naturally, boutique fitness centers tend to be more intimate, meaning you’re more likely to cultivate relationships with instructors and members alike. Not only do you build relationships within the studio, but the more intimate nature of boutique gyms means that you’re also more likely to meet people that take a real interest in you as an individual.

Being part of a like-minded community with people pursuing similar goals under the guidance of fitness professionals can make all the difference in keeping us on track with our goals. So can having coaches who take a more focused approach towards their members and clients, offering that extra dose of motivation and accountability when we need it most. Feeling like a core part of a shared community can be the single key difference between making sure you go to your 6pm group workout class on those days when it feels easier to tuck yourself into bed early or binge watch TV and skip a session. The sense of community, of belonging to something bigger than yourself is part of what fosters a joy for working out, which not only makes it more likely you will reach your goals in the short-term, but will also help make fitness a lasting part of your overall lifestyle.

Community, shared experienced, imparting knowledge, and collectively working towards similar goals are all aspects of working out that can only truly be offered in the more intimate settings of small fitness centers like Luna Fit. In addition to our fitness and nutrition expertise, we pride ourselves in cultivating a true sense of community, fun, and friendship in our Altamonte Springs group fitness classes. Don’t take our word for it - try a FREE week of classes and see for yourself!


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