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Do's & Dont's of Working Out in the Summer

When it comes to working out in the summer heat, there are some key do’s and dont’s to stay safe while you sweat! This is especially important for us here in Florida, where the temperatures are often scorching hot!

Whether you’re exercising inside or outdoors, stay safe and perform your best with these summer fitness tips:

  • DO stay hydrated! DON’T wait until you’re thirsty to drink water and/or electrolytes. By the time we start to feel thirsty, we have often already lost as much as 1-2% of our body’s water content. What’s more, being dehydrated can lead to feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, anxiety, stress, and other physical and cognitive impairments. It is also important to be mindful that caffeinated drinks like coffee can have a diuretic effect, and drinking them before a workout may cause you to lose more fluid than normal.

  • DON’T forget your electrolytes! Heavy sweating can mean major loss of electrolytes. If you are engaging in a strenuous workout like one of our Altamonte Springs HIIT classes, make sure you recover the lost electrolytes! Skip the added sugars and artificial stuff and reach for something natural instead, like coconut water.

  • DO wear proper clothing! Choose cotton blends and breathable synthetics over polyester to stay cooler. If you’re in the sun, go for lighter colors.

  • DON’T overdue it! Like all things in life, exercise is about balance. At LunaFIt in Altamonte Springs, we offer high intensity HIIT group fitness classes, as well as mobility classes. We also offer virtual training options for our members who prefer to do some or all of their workouts at home while still enjoying the benefits of the guidance, accountability, and camaraderie that our program is known for.

If you’re exercising outside, be sure to consider these extra precautions as well:

  • DO protect yourself from the sun if you’re exercising outside. As we know here in Central Florida, it’s important to wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy out. Opt for sweat-proof sunscreen, and reapply as directed.

  • DO consider the time. If you’re exercising outside, 10:00-3:00pm equals peak hit; you’d be best off training before 10am or after 3pm for cooler temperatures.

  • DO keep in mind that our furry friends feel the heat even more than we do. If you’re walking them aim for the cooler times of day, and make sure they stay hydrated too!

Schedule your free consultation to learn more about how our program can help you reach your goals - safely, effectively, and while having fun!!

Altamonte Springs Group Fitness Classes

Our gym is located just minutes from Longwood, Casselberry, Apopka, Winter Springs, and the Greater Orlando area. In addition to group fitness classes in Altamonte, we also offer virtual training option!


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