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Top 5 Benefits of Meal Prep

Your chances of achieving your health goals are higher when you meal prep – or take advantage of a meal prep service to ensure you are getting fresh, nutrient-rich, home-cooked meals.

You've probably heard that meals prepared at home often contain less calories than meals eaten out or taken to go. Did you know, however, that they also frequently contain higher levels of fiber and veggies, fewer carbohydrates, and lower levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat? In fact, as the proportion of meals eaten at home rises, so does the quality of the average diet. This explains why people who eat home-cooked meals are more likely to be leaner, have a lower chance of acquiring Type 2 diabetes, and even live longer! No matter if your objective is to lose weight, strengthen your heart, manage your blood sugar, or support overall health, home-cooked meals boost your chances of success.

Between work, parenthood, exercising, chores, and the overall fast-paced lifestyle in the west, finding time to cook can be difficult. This is where LunaFit come in. Read on to learn the top 5 benefits of our Central Florida meal prep services!

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LunaFit Meal Prep Saves You Money

It goes without saying that meal prep saves money. In a 2018 Forbes article, the average cost per serving of making more than 80 common dinner meals at home was contrasted with the cost per serving of ordering the same food from a restaurant. According to the study, ordering that dish from a restaurant is five times more expensive. When the savings are calculated over a month, they are significant. Meal prep offers the perfect balance; home-cooked meals equal money savings.

LunaFit Meal Prep Allows You Freedom and Food Diversity

Meal prep is linked to more diversity in foods, which is important for a healthy diet since it enhances the possibility that nutrient needs will be met and makes healthy eating far less boring. Meal prep gives you control and choice over ingredients, which is perhaps even more significant. It's easier to stay away from troublesome food allergens and include components in diets that promote your particular health, including low-carb, vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten-free diets. Additionally, you have the choice of including seasonal, regional, or products grown in accordance with particular standards. In other words, with meal prep, the possibilities for menu diversity are endless!

LunaFit Meal Prep = Less Food Waste + More Free Time