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Top 5 Ways to Get on Track with Your Health & Fitness Goals this Summer

Lockdown is over and the gym has reopened — just in time for summer! Whether your motivation is to have the beach body you’ve always dreamed of, or to improve your health, fitness, and confidence, we can help!

Need another reason to get healthy? Proper nutrition and exercise play a positive role in your immune system functioning. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting proper nutrition prevents against disease, pain, and injury, and improves quality of life over the long haul.

Now the only question is - how do I start and stay on track with reaching my health and fitness goals?

Here are our top 5 tips for helping you get on track - and stay there!

  1. Just get there - don’t overthink it, don’t psych yourself out. Just tell yourself you’re going to workout today. Pack your gym bag, set an appointment with your trainer, sign up for a fitness class - just GO. Showing up is half the battle, and once you’re there, you will feel so much better about yourself which is just the mental boost you need to get through the actual working out part.

  2. Swap the all-or-nothing thinking - for a more flexible approach. Many people fall of the wagon and in their frustration, give up. Others get frustrated when they can’t do things in a specific way. These paths can easily derail us from our goals. The better option: flexibility and resilience. Missed a workout? Focus on the next one. Can’t fit a 60 minute workout in today? Get a 30 minute one in and do an extra on an off day. Overdid a cheat meal? Get back on track with eating healthy the next day. Rather than letting small missteps or plans gone awry turn into failure from giving up, put them behind you and get back on track with what you can do now and going forward.

  3. Get support - sign up for a group fitness class or hire a personal trainer. This provides two key pieces to your fitness journey: camaraderie and ACCOUNTABILITY. Bonus: it’s mixes things up and can make your workouts more fun! When we have positive associations with our workouts it makes it easier to keep coming back. What’s more, lack of accountability is one of the main reasons people fail to meet their goals. Research shows that accountability can be a huge factor in your chance of success when it comes to any goal, especially health and fitness-related.

  4. Be patient - and think long-term. Getting healthy and fit doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey and a process, and one that is best taken one step at a time with your eyes on the prize. Good things come to those who work, so sip the quick “fixes” and commit to a long-term, manageable lifestyle plan. Consistency, patience, and accountability are key.

  5. Think positive - and visualize success! Write your goals down, and include a list of reasons why you want to reach them, how they will improve your daily life and overall health, and how they will make you feel. Set goals that are realistic, and break them down into smaller milestones. Take time to reflect on achieving your goals, on visualizing how you will look and feel as you achieve each milestone. Whenever you’re feeling low on motivation, revisit this process.

It’s time to get back out into the world with your best foot forward - contact us now to get started on your health and fitness journey, or to take things to the next level!

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