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Top 7 Ways to Stay On Track With Your Goals During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on our lives - including our fitness and health goals! With the forced closures and social distancing, it can seem overwhelming just trying to manage life, never mind stay on track with the things we want to achieve.

The good news: Luna Fit has your back! Read on for our top 7 tips to stay on track with your goals - including virtual coaching and services to serve you directly!

  1. Sleep - Not getting enough sleep negatively impacts hunger hormones as well as the decision-making part of the brain. It can make it more difficult to resist food cravings and impulses. Lack of sleep also impairs exercise ability. On the flip side, getting 7-9 hours can make it easier to deal with stress, eat healthier, work out - and stay on track with your health and fitness goals!

  2. Nutrition - If you are following a specific program, plan ahead and make it a top priority to stick with it! If not, focus on your nutritional foundation, i.e. more real food, less processed junk. More lean meats, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, less sugar, soda, bad oils, and processed food. Need more help? We offer virtual coaching to help you with nutrition - and accountability!

  3. Manage Stress - Stress can spell sabotage for weight loss and fitness. It impacts eating habits, kills motivation, increases cortisol which is linked with higher belly fat, and can even impair coordination and put you at risk for injury. Use the extra time at home to develop a meditation or yoga practice. If you are low on time, take a few minutes each day for deep, diaphragmatic breathing, which has been shown to reduce stress and tension.

  4. Patience and Positivity - Research has found that people who approach their goals with a positive mindset are more likely to go the distance - and more likely to succeed. Be patient with yourself, be patient with the situations of life as they come, and celebrate your victories, no matter how small they might seem. Take it a step further and work on your personal development with exposure to positive content, including blog articles, books, podcasts, and videos.

  5. Mindfulness - Take time every day and turn off the TV, put the phone down, remove all distractions and be in the present moment - especially when you eat! Take up a hobby that keeps you focused on the now, something artistic or active, whatever pulls you out of your head and to do list and into being mindful and aware. Bonus: people who eat mindfully tend to eat less while enjoying their food more!

  6. Workout - The gyms are closed, but that doesn’t mean your fitness goals have to shut down. This is the time to get creative; walk in nature, do bodyweight exercises at home, use objects around the house for added weight. Better yet - contact us about our virtual fitness classes! Enjoy guided workouts from home, with the knowledge, guidance, and support that you need to stay on track!

  7. Reconnect With Your WHY - Why did you set your goals to begin with? What makes accomplishing them important to you? When you’re struggling with motivation, consider why you started down this path in the first place. Need extra help? One of the pillars of our program here at Luna Fit is providing ACCOUNTABILITY - contact us to learn more!

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