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Top Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Fun fact: Group Fitness Classes are an excellent choice for people who need accountability, motivation, or support keeping to a schedule. At Lunafit in Altamonte Springs, all of our instructors are certified coaches which allows for more guidance and form corrections than during a solo gym workout.

What is group exercise?

Group fitness is an exercise program where participants work out while being supervised and led by an instructor.

Our Altamonte Springs Group Fitness Classes include:

Box Fit

This class combines cardio, boxing intervals, bag training, and weights to give you a total body workout. Increase your stamina, strength, and endurance.

HIIT Cardio

In this class, you will give everything you’ve got through short bursts of high-intensity exercises. Build up your cardiovascular fitness while improving muscle tone and endurance.


This class targets calorie burning. In this intense but fun full-body workout you’ll push your fitness limits. No class is ever the same, but you will always leave feeling the burn. Because they are led by our certified trainers, they can be modified to any level.