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Which LunaFit Fitness Program is Right for Me?

Whether you're a beginner or an avid fitness enthusiast, our coaches are here to support you on your fitness journey every step of the way. Our Altamonte Springs gym is fully equipped with the latest fitness equipment and offers a variety of fitness classes and options to suit you no matter what your weight and fitness goals are. Read on to learn more about our programs and how they can help you get results!

Individual Personal Training

Interested in one-on-one attention, custom fitness and nutrition plans, weekly progress check-ins, flexible scheduling, and an exert coach committed to helping you stay on track with your goals? If you answered yes to these questions, then individual personal fitness training is the way to go! Stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals with one of our Altamonte Springs Personal Trainers!

Small Group Training

Our small group training option is the perfect in between for those who are having trouble choosing between individual training and group sessions. Like one-on-one training, it allows for flexibility, personalized attention, and nutrition and exercise plans. However, it also incorporates the camaraderie, accountability, and fun of group fitness classes. It’s budget-friendly, and is the perfect opportunity to train with your significant other, close friends, children, coworkers, or family members.

Group Fitness Classes

Our Altamonte Springs Fitness Classes are the perfect choice for anyone interested in losing weight or improving their level of fitness. Enjoy guidance, workout variety, and support from our expert coaches. Work out safely and effectively with an extra level of accountability as you make new connections (and friends!) with people who have similar goals. Choose from our Box Fit, HIIT Cardio, HIIT Fit, and HIIT Strength classes. Check out our group fitness class schedule then sign-up for a free class to try us out!

Basic Gym Membership

Looking for a state-of-the-art facility where you can work out on your own? At LunaFit gym in Altamonte Springs, we have everything you could possible ask for in a gym: 10,000 sqft Indoor & Outdoor Workout Areas, top of the line equipment and gear, private bathrooms with showers and lockers, retail shop with Ready-To-Eat Meals and energy drinks, and more!

Nutrition Coaching

Proper nutrition is a vital part to any fitness or wellness plan. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle, train for an event, or just get healthier, our certified coaches can help get you on the right track. Enjoy unique meal plans, a nutrition tracking app, supplement and grocery consult, weekly check-ups for accountability and support, and custom plans to help you reach your goals!

6 Week Jumpstart

Get a jumpstart on your fitness goals with our exclusive 6 week program! Each challenger gets unlimited access to our group fitness classes, a personalized nutrition program, access to our gym to workout on your own, and an accountability coach to help keep you motivated and focused as you work towards your goals!

You Should DEFINITELY Contact Us If:

  • You’re still having trouble deciding which plan is right for you

  • You’re ready to get started with one of our fitness and/or nutrition programs

  • You’re interested in a tour of our gym

  • You want to take advantage of our FREE Fitness & Nutrition Consult

  • You’d like to redeem our offer for a FREE Group Fitness Class

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