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Why Couple Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and as it approaches, this is a great time to reflect on how to strengthen your relationship.

We have an answer that might surprise you: FITNESS!

Couple Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

This may be more than just a saying! It turns out that working out with your romantic partner can improve not only your fitness levels and overall health, but also your relationship! Research in this area suggests that there are many benefits to working out together as a couple.

Increase or Maintain Level of Attraction

Did you know that weight gain and lack of physical attraction are among the top reasons for divorce? Couples who make the effort to stay healthier and in shape are more likely to stay together, as well as enjoy stronger relationships.

Provide Opportunities for Quality Time Together

Enjoy a healthy form of quality time when you workout with your partner. Taking a group fitness class together or working with a trainer together offers a great opportunity to spend time together, catch up on your day between sets, support each other, and work up a sweat together.

Boost Relationship Happiness

Did you know that exercise stimulates your brain’s feel good or “happy” chemicals, also known as endorphins? When you exercise with your significant other, you can enjoy this boost in endorphins together, while also becoming more in sync. This can lead to a higher level of emotional bond, relationship security and satisfaction, and commitment.

Manage Stress Levels

We mentioned that working out releases endorphins, but did you know that this can also help decrease stress and tension? If you or your significant other are stressed, working out together can help you manage stress and boost mood while also helping you foster a deeper connection.

Boost Exercise Motivation

Did you know that research has found that couples who work out together are more likely to stick to it? This extends beyond the gym to meal time as well! Take an Altamonte Springs group fitness class together and enjoy the extra motivation while you reach your goals together!

Increase Workout Efficiency

At LunaFit, we love a little friendly competition, and what better way to enjoy that than with your significant other? Plus, working out together makes people more likely to push themselves!

Help You Both Achieve Your Fitness


Having a supportive partner may increase the likelihood that you engage in more physical activity overall.

Make Your Partner Fall More in Love With You

Research has found that romantic partners report feeling even more in love with your significant other when they participate in physical activity together!

Put the SPARK Back into Your Relationship at LunaFit

This Valentine’s Day, remember to work out the most important muscle of all: your heart! This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself and your partner a gift that will not only help you both reach your individual health and fitness goals but may improve your relationship as well!

At LunaFit, we offer group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and accountability - both in-person and via virtual coaching! Contact us to learn more!

Altamonte Springs Group Fitness Classes

Located in Altamonte Springs, minutes from Longwood, Casselberry, Winter Springs, Lake Mary, and Apopka! We also offer VIRTUAL options!


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