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Get A 

Taste Of LunaFit!

For Only $75!

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With a lot to offer here at LunaFit and we want you to try out all of our services & programs-and that's why we created the Taste of LunaFit Package! Try out all of our fitness and nutrition programs and understand how to use them as tools to reach your health, fitness, and nutrition goals! 

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What's Included:

  • 7-Day Gym Access Pass

  • 3 Class Pass

  • 2 15-minute Stretch Therapy Sessions

  • 1 30-minute Personal Training Session

  • 2 LunaFit Fresh Meals

  • 1 LunaFit Apparel 

  • 1 Celsius or Celsius Heat Energy Drink

  • 1 Protein Shake

  • 1 Protein Bar or Protein Brownie

  • 1 Bag Of Quest Chips

  $180 VALUE FOR $75!

Scroll through our gallery below to see photos of our space!

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