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Top 8 Reasons Why Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Did you know that working out with your romantic partner can improve not only your health and fitness, but your relationship? A growing body of scientific research suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together! In fact, working out together can:

-Increase Your Happiness with Your Relationship - Exercise stimulates endorphins, also know as the feel good or happy chemicals. When you work out with your partner, you enjoy this boost together, becoming more in sync, with a greater sense of satisfaction, commitment, emotional bond, and relationship security.

-Make Your Workouts More Efficient - You’re more likely to push yourself when working out with your significant other, and you both may even take things to the next level by enjoying a little friendly competition!

-Spend Quality Time Together - Spot each other, catch up on your day between sets, and work up a sweat together while you enjoy a healthy form of quality time.

-Extra Motivation - Research shows that couples who work out together are more likely to stick to it, not only at the gym but when it comes to meal time too! Take a group fitness class together and enjoy the extra challenge while you reach your goals together!

-Maintain or Even Improve Level of Attraction - Weight gain and lack of physical attraction are among the top reasons for divorce. People who make an effort to stay healthy and in shape are more like to stay together as well as to have stronger relationships.

-Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals - Research suggests that having a supportive partner may increase the likelihood that you will engage in more physical activity overall.

-Make Your Partner Fall More in Love With You - Research shows that couples report feeling more in love when they participate in physical activity together!

-Relieve Stress - Working out releases endorphins, which in turn can hep decrease stress and tension, boost mood, and promote restful sleep. If you or your partner are stressed, working out together may also help you foster a deeper connection.

Exercising with your significant other works out the more important muscle of all: your heart. Consider giving yourself and your partner a gift this Valentine’s day that will not only help you both reach your individual goals but may improve your relationship as well!

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