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Jinn stole the fairy wings.

Unseen to Prince Saif and the fairies, the jinn stealthily crept as much as the spot in which the fairies had located their folded wings and whisked away the most important, most iridescent pair of all of them – Badr Jamal’s. Soon, Badr Jamal arose from the depths, the closing of the organization, to put together herself for the go back journey.

“Has anybody seen my wings?” she asked after some moments, looking around anxiously.

“You positioned them proper here, subsequent to mine,” stated one in all her pals, pointing to a massive rock by means of the shore.

“They’re long past! My wings are gone!” Badr Jamal become in utter misery. “Oh, what is going to I do? How will I fly lower back to Koh Kaaf? What will he say?”

Her buddies had been dressed and equipped to go away. What would he say indeed! It was beyond nighttime, and that they have been already past due. He could be in a foul mood, closely pacing the corridors of the fort, a scowl on his big face, thundering like a black cloud – their grasp Deo Safed, the White Ogre. They needed to cross returned, now.


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